Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Design Tip Tuesday - Drapes

Draperies add big impact to a room. They soften a room, they add warmth - both literally and figuratively. I always encourage clients to add draperies to their windows ... many think they like the open window look, but once installed they realize just how much some fabric really does complete a space and adds tonnes of personality.
Drapes can be a big investment. So, to keep costs down there are a few things you can do. The first is to really research fabric. Fabric can cost anywhere from $50 - $300 a yard or more. So consider this when sourcing your fabric. You can save on fabric if you are creating panels that aren't functional, meaning that if you have blinds on your windows and the panels are just going to be decorative, they don't have to be able to be drawn. You will use less fabric this way and perhaps be able to use that more expensive fabric you fell in love with.
Dining rooms are the one place that I like to splurge a bit. I love the look of silk draperies - although there are many polyester fabrics these days that can really fool you into thinking they're silk and are easier on the budget. When doing silk draperies in a dining room, ensure that they are full. Line them to add the thickness needed to create that truly lush and luxurious feel.
There are various details you can add to your draperies, but all add a lot of cost. Consider if a detailed header is really going to make an impact or if your beautiful fabric is really going to be the star of the show. By splurging a bit on the fabric, you  may be able to save on added features and still end up with windows that shine!
Happy decorating!

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