Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Design Tip Tuesday - Room Planning

The start to any successful room design is a good space plan. A space plan not only allows you to see where all the pieces of furniture will sit within the four walls of your room, but it also allows you to determine the size of those pieces.
Of all the spaces that I walk into that I will be working on to redecorate, this is where they initially failed. Without a good space plan, nothing will work the way it's intended to.
I have never once had a job where I didn't start with a room plan - how do you shop for pieces for your space when you don't know the size or number of pieces you'll need to accommodate everything that you need?
I recommend homeowners who want to redecorate themselves start by measuring out their room and plotting it on graph paper. Next consider the function(s) of the room and what furniture pieces will achieve them. Draft them out onto the plan and determine the sizing. Once all of your elements are plotted, you now have a shopping list to take with you!
Drafting a room plan will give you a great start to designing your space and ensuring you make the correct purchases the first time.
Happy decorating!