Monday, April 25, 2011

Behind the Scenes - Coffee Table and Sides

Coffee tables are a piece of furniture that a lot of people struggle with. I can't tell you how many consultations I do where the coffee table is too small or simply the wrong shape for the room.  It's a piece that will get used a lot, so it needs to be functional as well as aesthetically pleasing.

In our scheme, given that the sofas have dark legs and are more square in its design with a bit of curve, and the room itself is more of a square shape it seems only fitting that the coffee table be round. 

When I design rooms, I always try and include a 'special' piece - something sculptural that will be a feature in the room. The space we are designing is small and doesn't leave a lot of room for this 'special' piece, so we are going to make it the coffee table. During one of my shopping adventures I came across the above glass top coffee table with this rounded, sculptural base - the moment I saw it I knew it was the piece for our room.

Having chosen the table, it's on to the side tables. Given that they are tucked away and not too visible in the space, a simple shape with a glass top for lightness does the trick. The wood tone works well with everything else in the room without being an exact match.

Time to pick up these special pieces and get the room styled!

Happy decorating!

(Images: table)