Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Design Tip Tuesday - Accessories

The interior of your home speaks volumes about your personality. Home decorating doesn't have to be an expensive undertaking - simply by adding attractive and functional accessories; your home can evolve into a true reflection of yourself.

When accessorizing your space, consider the following;

Repeat a chosen colour at least three times in a room.

Ground the space with a beautiful area rug

Place artwork, in a spatially correct manner, above existing furniture and try to position it at eye-level.

Vary the height of table top accessories to create interest and balance

Custom frame your art so that it is co-ordinated with the overall decor of the room

Decorate your sofa and accent chairs with a mixture of pillows and throws

Layer furniture and accessories in your room

Fill blank walls with more than just artwork - consider accent chairs and accent tables to help fill in space

And finally, incorporate special items that tell a story and have meaning to you in your space to create a truly personalized space.

Happy Decorating!

(Image: room)