Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Design Tip Tuesday - Choosing the Right Dining Chairs

Choosing the right dining chair.

Sounds easy right? Well, this is one of those decisions that my clients struggle with a lot. Dining chairs are an investment - each chair can cost anywhere from $200 to $1,200 plus, making the selection process an overwhelming endeavour.

A few key items to consider are:

Size - Nowadays the trend is to purchase your table and chairs separately. Gone are the days of matching suites so it’s imperative to take measurements of your table to ensure you choose chairs that fit properly. Consider width, height and depth for both sitting comfort and table placement with an eye on chairs that are too narrow and rickety..

Style - Observe the shapes and features of your existing table and support pieces. Wood tones, finishes and hardware are all factors to consider when properly integrating a chair into the scheme.

Comfort - This is an important one! If you don’t entertain often and tend to eat your meals in a different room, then you could choose an all wood chair - not the most comfortable, but can look beautiful.However; if you entertain and spend many evenings dining with friends and engaging in conversation, a wood chair isn’t ideal and will have your guests fidgeting five minutes into the meal. Instead, consider an upholstered chair.

Upholstered chairs provide softness, a sumptuous look and yield an opportunity to introduce colour and pattern into the room. An added benefit of upholstered chairs is their ability to be easily pulled into a living room as additional seating.

Some other things to keep in mind when purchasing dining chairs is their weight, , arms or no arms and of course, maintenance. -If you have children, leather or durable fabrics are advisable choices.

Take the time to visit furniture showrooms and sit in various styles and sizes - it’s definitely the best way to understand what you like and don’t like. and ensures your comfort for years to come!

Happy Decorating!

(Image: Chair)