Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Design Tip Tuesday - Furniture Arranging

Furniture arranging doesn’t have to be complicated. By following just a few simple steps, you can have your rooms flowing and functioning the way you desire.

Start Out Big | Place the largest piece of furniture in the room first. Quite often this is the sofa or bed and will define the bedroom or family room. This piece is best suited to face a point of interest - a fireplace, a television set, etc. and in many cases becomes the focal point. Keep in mind that focal points should be seen as soon as you enter a space.

Work Your Way Down | Place other furniture in relation to your main piece - such as a pair of chairs to create a conversation grouping by the couch.

Think Function | In the dining room, the positioning of sideboards or china cabinets requires consideration for ease of entering and exiting the dining area, along with pulling out of chairs and placement of serving dishes.

Accent Furniture | These pieces are the last to go in and should do just that - accent furniture, add colour and decoration, with a dash of function for multi-tasking. An ottoman that can double as seating with additional storage capabilities is a great piece for many rooms.

Walk Through | Now that the furniture is arranged, take a break and try it out. Make sure all the pieces can be used easily.
Is there plenty of room to get past the couch to the pair of chairs? Is there enough seating? Can everyone access a table to place their drink? Can everyone see the television or fireplace? For the bedroom, is the bed accessible from both sides?

Taking a practical approach to arranging furniture is the first step, but remember to mix style and form to get the look of a professionally decorated space.

Happy decorating!

(Image: elledecor)

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