Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Chair love!

Fall is definitely in the air! With summer over it's back to work for most people and back to school for kids. I've been finding out lately that it's also back to getting our spaces organized and redecorated.

As summer winds down, people get into the mode of bunkering down more at home. The days are getting shorter, so more and more time is spent indoors. With this time of chaos and less time for ourselves, comes the importance of creating a comfortable space to retreat to.

We have a few new clients that we are working on new designs for and I'll be sharing them with you on the blog. There is also a lot to share with you in terms of past jobs as well as new things to come for us.

We are looking at revamping the website a bit and creating a fresher look and loading up more snaps of recent projects (we've been very bad at keeping up with this section of the site!).

For now, I leave you with a snap of a new chair I came across at one of my trade sources this week ... I couldn't believe how extremely comfortable it was! It has a rounded back that hugs you and provides a nice visual break to any hard edged pieces in a room - and it's beautiful to look at. One of the great parts is that it fits into either a traditional or contemporary setting!

Happy decorating!

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