Tuesday, December 13, 2011

A Pillow Story - Wellington Project

Designing pillows for a client project is one of my favourite things to do. I love gathering fabrics and tying an entire scheme together. These accent pieces are what usually brings a room to completion ... you know that room you've been fawning over in that magazine? Well, I'm willing to bet that it includes these accents as a wrap up to the whole room!

When I'm creating a pillow story, I take into account all of the upholstered components in a room - a bed, a sofa, a chair ... and add coloured and patterned fabrics that relate to and enhance them. These pieces usually add the punch of colour needed in a more neutral scheme. Most people tend to shy away from large elements of colour so it's a great way to add colour without a huge commitment.

Accent pillows often get forgotten in the designing process - it's crucial to any well designed scheme. Yes, these jewels may seem expensive - but, when designed by a professional, you'll get pillows that have longevity built in by creating two schemes - a front and a back colour/pattern. This way you can change up the look of your room just by flipping over your pillows. Want a glam look - add sparkly button accents to the front and go simpler on the back so that when your glam mood is over, you can go back to a classic look.

Here's where we started ...

Here's what it turned into!

And here's a sneak peek of how they looked in the finished space ... we'll be posting snaps from this project in the next couple of days!

Visit again soon to see more photos from this project!

Happy Decorating!

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