Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Highgate - Interior Design Closing Day! - Part One

Hi All!
I'm always asked what it's like to finish a room for a client and how we do it ... so, I decided to blog about it with visuals - it's not a glamorous day, but certainly rewarding in the end. There are a number of photos I want to share with you for this post, so I've decided to break it up into two entries. This one will feature the rooms before photos (provided by the client pre consultation) as well as the start of the closing day photos.

First off ... the before photos ...

Closing days are always bustling with activity - from installations, to deliveries, to set up, it's definitely hectic. It involves packing my truck and assistant's car with all the accessories and props. Draperies and hardware are also packed with us because drapery installation is usually one of the first things done on this day - and we don't want to be waiting for them to be delivered.

Props and accessories area ... yes, it's messy - always best to close when the client isn't home - this can be scary for some!

Drapery hardware goes up...

Drapes hung and rug in place...

Some furniture delivered and set up...

Starting to come together...

Now that all of the large pieces are delivered and in place, my assistant and I get to work on organizing all of the elements and placing accessories and props for the client's reveal.

Want to see the finished space? Check back soon for part two of this post which will feature all the afters and details.

Happy decorating!


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