Monday, October 15, 2012

Monday Muse - Grohe Ladylux Faucet

Being an interior design professional I'm constantly being asked about my favourite products, so I thought it would be a neat weekly feature - my weekly product muse if you will.

So, for my first Monday muse, I thought I would introduce you to my favourite faucet.

Meet LadyLux. 

Beautiful, yes. A work horse, yes.

Grohe as a name has been around for years - since 1911 as Berkenhoff & Paschedag and since 1936 as Grohe. And there is a reason this company has been around so long - quality. They put out a super product and a warranty that leaves you feeling confident in your purchase.

Made of professional quality stainless steel it looks and feels like a top of the line product - but to me the most impressive part of this faucet is the pullout hand spray that is weighty in hand and boasts a tension spring that allows the hose to glide smoothly and retract easily.

One of my pet peeves is a faucet that feels cheap - and the majority of the pull out sprays available at big box stores have a plastic hose pull out that is awkward to pull out and feed back. Who has time to fiddle with that?

The LadyLux is my personal favourite for kitchens. It's always at the top of my mind when I spec for a kitchen. The price tag may be a bit more than most are used to spending on a faucet - but its worth every penny. It always amazes me that clients will reno their kitchen to a cost of $50k plus and when it comes down to the faucets (usually at the end of a project when the budget has taken a bit of a beating) they try to cut corners. It's an instrument in your kitchen that will be used daily - many times a day - it needs to stand up to the wear and tear. If you cheap out, you'll be reminded of it every time you turn on that tap.

If you know me you know that I'm a form girl - but function is never far from my mind. In some cases form takes the lead over function, but in the case of a faucet, function trumps form. It's much more important for this type of item to be functional rather than beautiful. But, luckily in this case, the form is quite appealing too!

Grohe sales offices can be found in throughout the world and production plants in Germany, Canada, 
Thailand and Portugal.

Do you have a favourite kitchen faucet?

Happy decorating!

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