Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Behind the Scenes - Come along!

I wrote earlier about taking you along on a project with me - Behind the Scenes, so here we go!

Project - Family room, Toronto
Objective - Cozy up the space, utilize warmer colours and fabrics. Comfortable furniture.

I won't start by showing you any before photos - we'll leave that until the end. I visited my clients for the first time before the holidays and we discussed the issues with the current space and what they were hoping to achieve with the redecorating.
The current space is done is shades of blue - a bright sky blue - very cool. The clients now want something warmer to spend their evenings in after a long day at work. They'll need new furniture - sofa bed (needs to double as a guest bed), a love seat and perhaps additional seating if we can fit it into the floor plan. We'll also need to look at carpeting, tables, lighting and accessories. A full revamp!
The first thing that needs to be done is to design the floor plan - without this, nothing can be done. A floor plan is exactly that - a plan to help fit and organize things as well as provide a shopping guide.
Off I go to nail the floor plan!
Happy decorating!