Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Design Tip Tuesday - Vignettes

It's my first 'Tip Tuesday' post! I'm so excited and hope that you are too and will find this segment of the blog exciting and informative!

For our first 'Tip Tuesday' post I selected vignettes to offer some quick suggestions on because they're easy to create once you know the basics and are very effective and usually require nothing more than objects you currently own. Vignettes are a great designer trick for adding drama to a drab area or corner.

Here area a few key points to consider when creating your vignettes;

Anchor Objects | These tend to be the piece that stand out in a vignette, usually the largest in scale and sets the tone for the vignette.

Odd Numbers | Objects assembled in odd numbers are more harmonious and pleasing to the eye.

Scale | It’s important to have tall, mid and small scaled objects.

Shape | Include contrasting shapes, and your overall vignette will be more visually interesting and is sure to get noticed.

Depth | By layering objects as opposed to lining up objects, the overall scape becomes much more effective.

Texture | Contrasting shiny materials with rough objects keeps your vignette from looking boring making pieces stand out.

Theme | A theme isn’t necessary, although it can be the starting point. Choose a theme that interests you or has special meaning.

Keep these key points in mind and you'll be sure to create vignettes that will shine in your space!
Happy Decorating!

(Image via browneyedbelle)