Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Design Tip Tuesday - Bookshelf Styling

Turn your bookshelf into a creative display that adds artistic style and interest while transforming it beyond its everyday function.

Make covers for all of your books from craft paper, wrapping paper or wallpaper. This is a great trick to unify all of your books to create a more serene look.

Consider using standing and stacked book groups. Stagger these groupings throughout your bookshelf to create visual interest and draw attention to certain titles, or collections.

Add decorative elements to the mix. Group vases, candles or collections throughout your bookshelf to create interest and conversation.

Bookshelves can showcase items other than books, and can be used to creatively display your family photos. If you include picture frames on your shelves, use all of the same color or finish, even if the sizes and styles differ. Coordinating the colour of the frames draws attention to the pictures within instead of the frames themselves.

Group objects of like colours, style and size with your books. Placing vases and other accent pieces next to similar items shows a deliberate intent to create a stylish effect, and makes the arrangement look less cluttered. For instance: if you have a set of two matching vases, place the larger on the end of one shelf, and then lay a book next to it and center the smaller vase on top.

Happy Decorating!