Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Colour of the year!

What a day! I love it when I visit a client for the first time ... they're always so excited, so full of questions and so eager to start designing their spaces!
Walking into a clients space for the first time is very exciting for me because it always presents a new challenge. I'm always trying to create spaces that are unique and a total reflection of my client. Of course, before I can do this, it takes some time getting to know the client to be able to design if for them. Working with clients is a fun process, because we are in a way becoming friends. Clients need to feel they can trust me.
Consultations are always exciting for clients ... so many ideas are discussed and so many options revealed. We try to narrow the direction and firm up the needs for the new space. I'm so excited about this opportunity because it's a little girls room! And, we're going to use pink as our main colour inspiration - which has me extremely excited because pink is the colour of the year - well, honeysuckle to be more specific! Well, the consultation is over, it's time for me to get down to business and turn those ideas into pink reality!
Happy decorating!

(Image Pantone)