Monday, January 17, 2011

Behind the Scenes - Floor Plan

Our family room project is now well underway and we have an approved room plan! The original space contained a sofa bed and chair as seating and a coffee table and TV with stand. It was sparse and cold. The new plan allows for much more seating to create a nice conversational space while feeling much cosier.
So armed with this plan we can now begin to source! Here's our list of items needed;
Sofa bed - 77" wide, 34" deep
Love seat - 54" wide, 34" deep
Tub chairs (2) - 28' wide, 28" deep
Round coffee table - 38 x 38"
Side Table - 24" wide x 24" deep
Two floor lamps
One or two table lamps
Now that we're equipped with a plan and list, we can start sourcing! I'll begin pulling fabrics to develop a scheme and begin sourcing furniture - starting with the largest piece - the sofa bed and love seat. Everything else will springboard from there.
Happy Decorating!