Friday, June 24, 2011

Behind the Scenes II - Powder Room Vanity

Powder rooms are a wonderful opportunity to go a bit higher end without really hurting your budget too much. We're going for a statement piece as the vanity (I've blogged about this piece before it - I love it!) and we're layering it with a custom marble top and stone sink with luxe faucet.
Because we actually don't need too many elements in this room, we can splurge a bit. The counter top is a beautiful calcutta marble - a bit like carrera marble, but with a warmer brown veining in it. This will work nicely with the existing limestone floor in a grey and beige colouration and keep things from feeling too cold.
With a counter like that, we couldn't go for any old sink - we went for stone. Again in a white but with a bit of grey to tie into the other elements.
Now that these elements have been selected, it's time to find just the right faucet - the right style and the right height!
Happy decorating!

(Image: Sink, vanity)

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