Monday, June 27, 2011

Behind the Scenes II - Stripes!

So my clients powder room is coming along nicely ... everything is just about ready to be installed ... so it's time to get painting.
We're going for a dramatic pallet in this space, so immediately I'm thinking dark - and luckily my client is on board. We're looking for a dramatic colour that is still a neutral - we don't want to be pegged into a coloured wall, because we want flexibility with the space as well as ensure it works with the rest of the home which is done is neutral tones with pops of colour.
We've decided on brown - a dark toned brown with a lot of grey to balance well with the floor and other fixed elements in the space.
So done, a dark wall ... no, not just a dark wall. We want to add dimension to the space and a great way to do that is by playing up the finish of the paint. As a designer, my first choice is always matte - love the Benjamin Moore Ultimatte paint - goes on like a dream. So how do I add dimension with a matte paint? Add some bold stripes in a high gloss finish.
So I mapped out on my computer the number of stripes as well as the height - oh, and did I mention we're taking those stripes horizontally? My plan is to use the high gloss area as a backsplash - since matte paint isn't the best at hiding splashes. I measured the height of the vanity and knew I needed my first gloss stripe to start about here. Then I played around with the heights of the other stripes and ended up as you see in the drawing. So, in the end I decided on two gloss stripes - and the final result is five stripes - three matte and two gloss which makes it an odd number and things are much more pleasing to the eye this way.
And before I forget, we painted the wall the main matte brown and taped out the areas to be gloss and applied a high gloss water based varathane - clear - to achieve the gloss stripes.
It adds a lot of dimension to the room and helps to enlarge the space.
It's looking good ... time to get the plumber setting up the vanity area and style this space.
Happy decorating!

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