Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Design Tip Tuesday - Puddled Draperies

The over-puddled draperies may not be for every one and some may even say passe, but, a more tailored approach has been taken and the effect is still very luxurious.
Today, drapery puddles are refined and can be incorporated in many styles of decorating. Most popularly used in dining rooms, they create a formal and elegant look.
Puddled draperies are beautiful but require maintenance. They are best suited to stationery panels and require the occasional fluffing or folding to ensure a tailored look. Lighter coloured fabrics will tend to get dirty more and require much more upkeep in terms of cleaning due to it's resting on the floor.
Draperies with a bit of a puddle are a great trick for dealing with floors that are unlevel. They camouflage this issue easily and provide visual interest.
How much is enough?
1” Puddle: Also called a break or “trouser” break. 1” puddling provides a clean look where the draperies just rest on the floor.
2-4” Puddle: The most popular puddle today. The drapes have adequate length to spill nicely onto the floor but still not a large puddle.
6-8” Puddle: A true puddle. There is enough extra length to fan the draperies out onto the floor.
Happy Decorating!

(Image: pinterest, drape98)

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